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A Cluttered Room
While clearly spacious at some point, this room has been filled with all sorts of... stuff. There are dozens of small miniatures made of plastic or metal alongside pots of paint lining several surfaces. Other corners are taken up by overloaded bookshelves. Camera gear, video game paraphernalia, board games, and stacks of CDs and DVDs occupy what space remains.
There is a mailslot here.
There is a leaflet on the ground.
Obvious exits: Google

>examine bookshelves
Every shelf groans with the weight it bears - you couldn't fit another volume anywhere. There are books on nearly every topic, but most seem to be role-playing guides, manga, science fiction, or photography-oriented. A couple appear to have been self-published. A black USB thumb drive rests atop a stack of print-outs.

>count books
A quick count turns up exactly 69,105 books.

>examine mailslot
It's a closable opening in the door for the mail carrier to deliver envelopes and small packages. By pushing it open, you can see a sliver of daylight outside. From the smell of salt air and the faint calls of gulls, you'd guess you're somewhere close to the ocean.

>read leaflet
"Welcome to darksonic v2!

I'm not entirely sure how you got here, but enjoy your stay. There are a few links (some internal, some external) to things tucked about, plus hints to what will be here when the full revamp happens*. Also, apologies to Infocom/Zork and the SMAUG MUD team for this bastardization of homage to their excellent games and hard work.

*If it happens. Whichever."